Gross Combines Mass (GCM)

Also known as the Gross Combined Weight (GCW), this represents the maximum weight of both your loaded vehicle and your load trailer combined. Silverado’s GCM is 7,160kg*.

Kerb Mass

The weight of an empty vehicle – without payload or driver – with standard equipment, fuel, coolant and oil. It is also known as the Vehicle Weight. Silverado’s Kerb Mass 2,540KG.*

Gross vehicle Mass (GVM)

Also Known as the Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM), this is the actual weight of the vehicle and its contents, including fuel and occupants. The Silverado’s GVM is 3,300kg.*

Maximum Rear Axle Load

The maximum weight or load a vehicle’s rear axle can support. when loading a vehicle and/or trailer, ensure this load limit is not exceeded. Silverado’s maximum rear axle load is 1,724kg.

Maximum To Ball Down Load

The maximum weight or load a vehicle’s tow ball can support. When loading vehicle and/or trailer, ensure this weight limit is not exeeded. Silverado’s maximum tow ball weight is 422kb*.

Maximum Trailer Weight

This is the maximum weight a vehicle can legally tow. While Silverado has a high towing capacity, local regulations and the capacity of your tow ball will impact towing limits. In Australia, Silverado can tow the maximum braked trailer weight of up to 4.5 tonnes*. The maximum unbraked towing capacity is 750kg*.